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AccessBase Tutorial


The following is a tutorial that will guide you through the set up of an AccessBase account and the maintenance of the database. You will learn how to perform the following steps:
  • Overview. Toolbar information screen.
  • Open AccessBase. It is assumed that the AccessBase program has been installed on your computer. This will tell you how and where to enter your password.
  • Tell AccessBase how to communicate with the network. A network consists of one or more controllers that are programmed and maintained with the AccessBase software. In this area, you tell your computer how to connect to the network.

  • Connect to the network. You can connect to the network direct via serial cable or via modem.

  • Set up the individual nodes within the network. A node is an individual controller within the network. You must must identify what nodes are present in AccessBase so that you may configure the validation groups properly.

  • Bulk load media. Media can be a card or block transmitter. You must load in media before it can be assigned to a cardholder.

  • Create a validation group. A validation group, often referred to as a security level, allows you to restrict a cardholders access by door or time. In addition, you can assigned time zone to a relay to create an auto lock/unlock schedule. The telephone directory is also configured in this area.

  • Create cardholder set . A cardholder set allows you to organize the cardholder, or user, by groups, such as tenants, management, contractors, etc.

  • Add / maintain cardholders. Here is where you add new cardholder to the system. Once a cardholder is in the system, you may assign media to the cardholder, such as transmitters, telephone directory codes and keypad entry codes.

  • Monitor & control the system. From this screen you can control the doors/gates. In addition, you may observe system activity in real time mode.

  • Maintain the event log. The event log captures the events that occur within the system and stores the events in nonvolatile memory. Various filters are available to assist you in extracting only the data that you desire.


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